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Blades Of Steel

February 16, 2010

Ah yes…nothing like gliding along the ice on sharpened blades of steel. Has the Winter Olympics gotten you all heated up with ice skating fever?

If the answer to the above question is yes and you’re coming to Tahoe then you’re certainly in luck. Although for a long period of time the only ice rink was at Squaw Valley that has changed considerably in the past ten years or so. At last count there are now six. Two of them are at south shore, two at Squaw Valley, one  over on the north shore at Northstar Village, and one just a little south of Tahoe at the  Kirkwood Ski Resort.

So…if your idea of winter fun doesn’t include the intensity of zooming down the side of a mountain with two high-tech wooden bed slats tied to your feet then maybe you should give ice skating a try.

South Shore

South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena
Heavenly Village

North Shore

Northstar Ice Rink

Squaw Valley

Olympic Ice Pavilion
Resort At Squaw Creek

South Of The Tahoe Area

Village Ice Rink At Kirkwood


Sledding And Tubing Fun

February 2, 2010

Want to take the kids for some sledding and tubing adventures? Well, there are certainly plenty of choices around with steep enough hills to have some thrills and spills.

First, a couple of good free spots:

1. At Spooner Junction, where US 50 and Hwy 28 intersect, there is a great sledding hill with ample free parking. We’ve tried this one personally and it’s great.

2. Just past Camp Richardson, adjacent to Fallen Leaf Lake Road, there are some good spots. You can see them from Hwy 89. Parking may be a little trickier here.

If you don’t mind paying:

Hansen’s Resort

Echo Summit Snow Park
Requires payment for a parking permit. This is at the site of a former ski resort so there are a variety of challenges for sledding and tubing.

Also, most of the ski resorts now offer areas for sledding and tubing so it would be a good idea to check them out.