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Forever Holiday

January 2, 2010

After celebration of the New Year, and Christmas the week before that, many think it’s all over for a year or at least until July 4th rolls around. This, however, is not so.

You’ve been up here enough to realize Lake Tahoe is not just another place. It’s special. It has scenic qualities that are not duplicated anywhere else in the world. Add to that the crystal clear water of the lake and the crisp, clean mountain air and one might think it just can’t get any better…but there’s more.

When you factor in year around recreation of every imaginable kind and stir in 24 hour gambling and entertainment the end result is one huge, non-stop celebration.

Winter has only just gotten started. It can only get better. Gather up the family and c’mon up here and enjoy the fun. There is always something exciting to do.


Sleigh Rides

December 9, 2009

With plenty of snow on the ground you might consider treating the family to a real, authentic, horse drawn sleigh ride. Operated by the Borges Family, the rides are located in the field next to the MontBleu Resort Casino in Stateline. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

To see more information click on their website link below.